“Frankie’s keynote on thriving through Seismic Shifts was the bright spot of our event. Our attendees walked away with real tools on how to thrive as authentic leaders in this time of massive changes and shifts in our businesses.”
—Nathan Arant, Ignite Mastermind Events

“Attendees of Innovate South raved over Frankie’s keynote presentation on ‘Soaring Seismic Shifts.‘ Frankie’s talk genuinely spurs people to become a leader that anyone will follow.”
—Destin Ortego, Innovate South Conference

“Attendees are still telling me how Frankie’s keynote speech was the most valuable moment of their conference experience. Many walked away with actions that made a real difference in their organizations!”
—Louise Leopold, Digital Dealer Conference

“Frankie brought a fresh, exciting perspective on how our Apple Specialists can be a true disrupters with authentic purpose at our Apple Partner Symposium!”
—Emory Osgood, Apple Inc.

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