Breaking WHY

In this edgy follow-up to Frankie Russo’s The Art of Why, readers are asked to redefine their meaning of personal success in order to tap into a deeper and more meaningful definition of their purpose. Breaking WHY interrogates what our true WHY really is, and in the process, Russo adapts his earlier work and disrupts the rules he set for himself in order to more fully achieve authentic success. Sometimes, we have to shatter something in order to rebuild it.

This book breaks down the steps needed to achieve a more substantive version of ourselves, in both our personal lives and in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. By exploring the role that emotions can play in both hindering and empowering us, Russo ultimately argues that pursuing a singular, self-driven “I” is the ultimate misinterpretation of success. A champion of authenticity and a proponent of harnessing “strategic emotions,” Russo aims to debunk the common conception that emotions are anathema to having a successful life. Using the tools and hacks in Breaking WHY, people from all walks of life will come to realize that it can be just as important to break the rules as it is to make and follow them.

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“Frankie Russo asks us to dig deep and rework the process of defining ourselves and our relationships to success. Russo differentiates himself from the pack by mentoring his readers and guiding them personally through the often nonlinear process of balancing our personal fulfillment with professional gain. Always one to walk the walk, Russo uses his own story as a template for all leaders and learners to follow.”

—Greg Scheinman, creator of the Midlife Male podcast

“Frankie’s authentic message inspires me to be real. It’s not about appearing good, it’s about being ourselves. The message is like gold!”

—Jason Romair, founder of Kaiya Beach

“In his latest book, Frankie Russo shows us that our search for the truest version of our most passionate self is never done. With the bold, brave, and honest step of breaking his earlier lessons, Frankie shows that the teacher can always grow to better help their students.”

—Greg Bresnitz, author of Snacky Tunes

The Art of WHY

There are countless stories of individuals who are considered to be the greatest in their field; names like Jordan, Chanel, Einstein and Disney. Those who are considered “masters” all have one thing in common; they made their purpose their main focus in life. Each of them understood the importance of having a WHY; a reason for pursuing their passion. But striving for greatness isn’t enough. They took it further by making their WHY their art form. This book will give you the necessary tools to do the same.

No matter where you are in life, The Art of Why is a manual for mastering your purpose. Whether you are fresh out of college, a seasoned entrepreneur, or on the verge of retirement; it is never too late to start honing your craft. The Art of Why provides the map for you to take action and become a pro at doing what you are meant to do.

“Powerful! This book is a great investment into the breath taking future we all deserve!”

—Roquita Williams, President, World Trade Club

The Art of WHY is a MUST read for aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and anyone who feels like they’re meant to do something bigger in life. I’m recommending this book to all of my clients…the clarity, confidence and inspiration it provides is priceless.”

—Natasha Hazlett, CEO / Attorney at Fast Forward Marketing

“Frankie Russo candidly shares his own life lessons and tips to reactivate your thought process. The exercises will enable you to map out the path to your greatest destiny. Brilliant Read!”

—Valerie Brunnberg, CEO Fit, Fab, and Lean

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