Frankie Russo Chosen As The Marketing Round Table’s Monthly Speaker

Frankie Russo had the privilege this week of sharing The Art of Why to Lafayette’s Marketing Round Table. The Marketing Round table, a group of professionals who work within the marketing industry in the Lafayette area held their monthly luncheon in a private room inside of Abacus. Russo had a deep connection with his audience as he is the owner and CEO of POTENZA Inc., a family of companies including a traditional marketing company, a digital advertising firm, a creative agency and a new software development company.

Frankie led is audience through excerpts of his book along with personal stories and insight as to how he discovered his WHY and his journey along the way. With a series of written exercises throughout his talk, he was able to engage with his guests and spark their interest into finding their own WHY and the steps to following and achieving their goals. What started as a simple luncheon for a group of marketing enthusiasts ended with the keys to finding success and purpose, which is the reason Russo sought out to write this book.

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