Frankie Russo Gives Keynote for First Annual Innovate South Conference

Discovering your why can be one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur.

Frankie Russo, Founder of Russo Capital, was offered an opportunity to speak at this year’s Innovate South Conference to discuss just that – your why. Russo’s keynote described the importance of discovering your passion and purpose in order to actualize your goals and dreams. He described in-depth scenarios that he, as an entrepreneur, experienced during his career and offered insight for those in the audience.

“I’ve discovered my passion and my purpose, but I’m still working a full-time job to allow myself the income to invest in my own business. When will I know it’s time to make the jump,” asked an audience member of Russo’s keynote speech. “Ultimately, the moment you decide to leave your full-time job to focus 100% on your own endeavors is when you’ll be able to see the true profits of your hard work,” responded Russo. “But don’t tell your mom I told you to quit your job,” he jokes.

Innovate South is a multi-industry conference comprised of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for small business owners, startup founders, and entrepreneurs. During this three day conference, attendees shared their best practices of business and collaborated and shared their ideas and goals.

Russo details in his best selling book, The Art of Why, “I’ve spent years soul searching to master the art of my why. I’ve realized my why is helping other people get what they need.”

Are you ready to discover you why? If so, pick up a copy of The Art of Why on Amazon, and start your journey today!

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