The School of WHY: Building Tomorrow with Eric J. Rodriguez: A Journey of Reinvention with host Frankie Russo

Join Frankie Russo as he delves into a conversation of discovery and innovation with Eric J. Rodriguez. A beacon of reinvention, Eric’s global journey has granted him unique insights into how technology is shaping our future communities. In this rapidly changing world, he believes that professionals need more than just skills; they need the ability to adapt, expand, and evolve. With accolades such as Arizona’s 40 under 40, Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever, and Distinguished Young Engineer under his belt, Eric’s vision for an inclusive future is both inspiring and urgent. Dive into this episode to explore how we can all be part of building tomorrow. And stay tuned for a light-hearted glimpse into Eric’s family’s love for musicals and Marvel trivia! 🎵🎬 #TheSchoolofWHY #EricJRodriguez #FutureReady

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