The School of WHY: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders with Andrea Garrafa and host Frankie Russo

In this enlightening episode of The School of WHY, Frankie Russo engages in a compelling conversation with Andrea Garrafa, a Leadership Coach whose vast executive experience in global IT companies has shaped her unique approach to leadership development. With a coaching footprint that spans across three countries, Andrea’s mission is to amplify the soft skills of professionals, transforming them into effective leaders and multipliers of their talents. Dive deep into her specialties – from effective communication and conflict resolution to time management and mindset shifts. As she anticipates the release of her first book, we get a sneak peek into her insights and wisdom. Outside of her professional realm, Andrea’s love for travel, competitive sports, and quality family time offers a holistic view of her life’s journey. Join us as we explore the pathways to successful leadership and the impact of Andrea’s invaluable expertise. #TheSchoolofWHY #AndreaGarrafa #LeadershipMastery

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