The School of WHY: Holistic Redesign & Perception Reframing w/ Dr. Nikki Wilson & Host Frankie Russo

In this episode of the School of WHY podcast, our host Frankie Russo is joined by Dr. Nikki Wilson, a leading expert in holistic redesign and perception reframing. Dr. Wilson’s approach to holistic redesign focuses on creating sustainable change by addressing the root causes of challenges, rather than just addressing symptoms. Through her work, she helps individuals shift their perceptions and reframe their mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

In this episode, Dr. Wilson shares insights and tools for developing a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. From the importance of mindfulness to the power of positive self-talk, she offers practical advice for transforming the way we approach challenges and create lasting change.

Join us for an engaging conversation about the power of perception and reframing, and the potential for holistic redesign to transform our lives and work. Tune in to the School of Why podcast today!

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