The School of WHY: Philanthropy and Sustainable Investing: Making a Difference with Wendy Spinner & host Frankie Russo

Tune in as we explore the stories and motivations behind people’s passions and pursuits. In this episode, our host Frankie Russo sits down with Wendy Spinner, a leading figure in philanthropy and sustainable investing.

Wendy’s passion for making a difference in the lives of others has been a driving force throughout her career, and in this episode, she shares her journey with us. From her early experiences in the non-profit sector to her current work as an impact investor, Wendy offers insights into the challenges and opportunities of creating lasting change.

As an advocate for sustainable investing, Wendy also shares her thoughts on the importance of aligning our investments with our values, and how we can use our financial resources to support positive social and environmental outcomes.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about the power of purpose-driven leadership and the impact we can all make in the world. Tune in to the School of Why podcast today!

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