School of Why Podcast

Dive deep into the world of wellness with Frankie Russo as he chats with Jamie Hess, the dynamic force behind the popular Instagram @NYCfitfam. Renowned for her media appearances on shows like TODAY, Good Morning America, and The View, Jamie is more than just a media personality; she’s a trailblazer in the wellness space. Discover the story behind zuda activewear on QVC and the acclaimed Off the Gram podcast. Venture further into Jamie’s innovative weight loss program, the Big Ask Method, and learn how she’s transforming lives one goal at a time. In this episode, Jamie shares her insights on wellness, positive mindset shifts, and the art of manifestation. For anyone seeking to find that perfect balance between health, hustle, and happiness, this conversation promises a wealth of inspiration. #TheSchoolofWHY #JamieHess #ManifestingWellness

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