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Dive into the world of professional sports and leadership as Frankie Russo sits down with Paul Epstein, the renowned “Why Coach” and sports executive powerhouse. With a career spanning 15 years across the NFL and NBA, including monumental achievements like breaking Super Bowl revenue records and launching billion-dollar stadiums, Paul’s insights are unparalleled. As an award-winning keynote speaker and influential thought leader, Paul’s influence extends beyond the arena, impacting giants like Amazon, Disney, NASA, and even the LA Lakers. In this episode, we’ll discuss his best-selling book, “The Power of Playing Offense,” and get a sneak peek into his upcoming release, “Better Decisions Faster.” Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a leadership aficionado, or someone seeking to play offense in their own life, this conversation promises to inspire and empower. #TheSchoolofWHY #PaulEpstein #PlayingOffense

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