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School of WHY

Make Your WHY Your New Reality

You’re just a few clicks away from applying WHY in your everyday life. The self-exploratory exercises on this page are your baseline towards building a better you. You will be challenged to be honest, dig-deep and commit. Although, the rewards far exceed the sacrifice. Feel free to download the PDFs and begin your journey!

What is the School of Why?

  • A place where entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, athletes, and seekers can come to connect to their authentic self. The School of WHY is a membership based community of people who are working the 10 steps from the Breaking WHY.
  • The school of WHY offers 2 workshops WHY101 and WHY201. These workshops are in person, limited seating workshops designed to work the 10 steps from Breaking WHY in a group setting.
  • The only requirement for membership is a desire to hack their current life to rebuild a better future for themselves.


  • Based on the 10 steps from Breaking WHY
  • WorkBook for “The School of WHY” with 10 Lessons.

Time Commitment:

  • 10 hours of class work total per workshop
  • 10 hours of Homework: Individual Self hacking / personal work with Breaking WHY Work Book

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