What’s Possible?

Jen Bricker epitomizes someone who has mastered the art of her WHY.

She was born without legs and left in the hospital by her birth parents. With those beginnings one could only imagine what her destiny might look like. She often says in her speeches that she could have been 300 different versions of herself. Because she had over 300 couples vying to adopt her as their own.

As fate would have it, the Bricker family adopted her and raised her with just one rule, “never say the word ‘can’t’!” That guiding philosophy set the stage for the unparalleled success Jen is experiencing today.

The little girl without any legs grew up like most able-bodied kids. She played softball, basketball and volleyball. She roller-skated. Yes! Roller-skated! (You’ll have to hear her tell the story.) And she became a champion tumbler for the state of Illinois.

Jen Bricker is now an award winning acrobat, an aerialist who toured with Britney Spears, a speaker and published author. Her “WHY” is to inspire and motivate others to believe that Everything is Possible. In fact, that is the name of her new book that just came out.

When you read her book you will know what a powerhouse she is and you can’t help but wonder what new heights you might achieve in your own life.

I’d like to hear from you. What would you LOVE to conquer if you could move past any fears or obstacles standing in your way?

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